Golf Swing Perfection

Golf Swing Perfection

Well, I guess it’s not quite fair to say golf isn’t a game. It sort of is. It’s not really a sport, although Tiger Woods looks like he could bench press a car, so calling it a game is probably the only thing that’s left. But it’s not JUST a game. That’s the real point. Golf is way more than just a pastime.

Golf is sort of like chess with clubs. It teaches you about yourself, helps you develop extreme mind control…and probably improves your life. But that’s only true if you’re not struggling just to get the golf ball in the air, or if you’re losing 30 balls a round in the woods or the water. You’ll be hemorrhaging cash in more ways than one. You need to have a great golf swing too!

And if your score looks like a typical Major League Baseball batting average, you’ll wear yourself out playing the game (and probably hurt your hands something awful). It’ll be more frustrating than fun. I suspect you don’t need more of that! But like I said, golf isn’t just a fun sport – it’s also a HUGE business tool in lots of different careers.

Do you want to be a mover and a shaker in the corporate world? Heck, do you simply want to move up? Then it almost literally pays to play golf. Unfortunately, most people don’t play enough to get good at the game. They don’t even play enough not to embarrass themselves in a foursome with the boss or an important client. And that performance reflects poorly on you. Nothing says you stink at business worse than looking like a complete duffer on the course.So whether you play for fun or as part of your career, it’s safe to say you want to learn how to play better.

Golf Swing Perfection

Now for the bad news…
Have you seen the cost of private golf lessons? You might have to start skipping meals to afford them.

Sure, you can get a lesson or two for not much money, but if you really want to improve your game, you’ll need more than a few lessons…and pros don’t come cheap. Well, here’s a little secret those pros don’t want you to know. Golf really isn’t that hard to play well. That might sound shocking, but let me explain what I mean.

You don’t have to be Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson to break 100. You also don’t have to be them to shoot par. Literally anyone can be regularly breaking 90 within a few months if they simply apply some basic swing techniques. That’s the problem most people have–they develop bad swing habits that doom them to high scores. It’s not about the clubs, or the ball, or any other piece of equipment. Tiger and Phil could beat you and me with OUR clubs and golf balls! They can do that because the mechanics are second nature to them, so they get to focus on course strategy.

You probably won’t be playing on the PGA courses, so you don’t need a ton of strategy to play great golf. You just need solid mechanics and some experience using them on courses you’re likely to play as an amateur.

That’s exactly what I teach you at my site It’s a simple way to get the mechanics down so you can start enjoying the game because you’re playing well.