Golf Stance

Your golf stance is the base upon which your golf swing’s failure or success often rests. If it is off, even slightly, your body will try and compensate during the swing, oftentimes with poor results. So, it is critical to be properly aligned before you begin your swing.

Most successful golfers have what is known as a ‘square golf stance’. A square stance means the feet are parallel to the target line. Imagine you were standing on railroad tracks. Your feet are touching one rail and the ball is on the other rail. This stance is highly recommended, especially for amateurs.

In the square stance, you will want to begin with your feet shoulder width apart when using your driver (as you begin to use the other clubs, you would bring your feet closer together, accordingly). The rule of thumb being that the longer your club, the wider your stance; and, the shorter your club, the narrower your stance should be.

Your knees should be slightly bent, your back straight and your arms should form a “V” shape as they hold the club. Your weight should be distributed so that it is slightly on the balls of your feet.

The next critical aspect of your stance is where you place the ball. When using your driver, you should place the ball midway up your left foot (for left handed players it would be the right foot). When using other clubs where you are looking to get more loft or air, you should move the ball progressively towards the middle of your stance. Be consistent as to where you are placing the ball, as your muscle memory will kick in with the increased amount of swings you have.

The reasoning behind positioning the golf ball further up in your stance for a driver is because the driver has less loft than any other club in your bag, with the exception of the putter, and the driver is the one club that you will need to hit the ball in an upward motion. It is almost as though you were lifting or sweeping the ball off of the tee. When you have placed the ball further up in the stance, by your left arch, it allows you to hit the ball off the tee with the proper trajectory to get the most distance out of your golf swing.

Keep in mind that moving the golf ball even a couple of inches forward or back in your stance can make a great deal of difference in shot trajectory. Start with the ball a couple of inches inside the left heel. However, a ball too far to the front of your stance will increase the chances of a slice by encouraging an outside-to-inside swing. A ball too far back in the stance will make it difficult to get the clubface closed by impact and may cause a push or a push slice.

Implementing all of the information above, you should have the perfect ‘square stance’ which is the first building block to having an outstanding golf swing.

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