Golf Swing Speed

One of the great misconceptions golfers have about their golf swing speed is that they believe if they simply swing their golf club faster, they will pick up more speed. That’s not true. In fact, swinging harder can actually lead to shorter drives. Also, the faster you swing, the harder it is for you to keep your swing on the correct swing plane.

The speed you want in your golf swing is a smooth, consistent, and stable speed. You will often here the word ‘tempo’ used to describe this phenomenon. Also, the speed should be coming from the movement in your hips and legs, not your arms. You must focus on keeping the face of your club square to the ball. If you don’t do this, all the speed you’ve engineered will be lost, as only part of the club face will be making contact with the ball.

Another factor is that you must accelerate and follow all the way through on your swing, using the weight of the club face to guide you on this. In fact, some golfers will use a weighted club in practice because it gives them a sense of the pendulum effect they are looking for. You want to swing through the ball, not hit it.

When you see a great professional golfer swing, more often than not it looks ‘smooth’ or ‘effortless’ and not rushed. There is no need to hurry or speed up the golf swing with hopes it will get you more distance.

Also, a smooth, consistent golf swing will allow your body to stay balanced. When you try and accelerate the swing unnaturally, more often than not you will end up not balanced.You want to also keep your grip pressure consistent while at the same time allowing your arms and shoulders to be more relaxed, allowing for that smooth, centrifugal force to come into play and create natural speed.

If you’ve ever seen a great sprinter in track, up close, their face and upper body are oftentimes so relaxed that they are jiggling as they sprint. This is because they understand that they don’t want any tension there. Rather, they are letting their legs drive them to go faster. A good golfer is much the same; he or she knows where to put their energy and where not to put it during their golf swing.

The easiest way to try and perfect the way you use your golf swing speed is to a golf range and start hitting a lot of balls and not think about anything other than tempo, smoothness, staying in the correct plane and striking the ball cleanly. You will start to get a sense of when you are rushing, when you are going to slow and ultimately when it feels just right.

If you are really interested in learning more about your golf swing speed, you can purchase a launch monitor or radar speed monitor. Launch monitors can usually be found in golf pro shops, but tend to be quite expensive whereas radar speed monitors are more affordable and can usually be purchased for around $ 150.

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