Golf Swing Tips

One of the greatest golf swing tips I’ve ever heard was one word: relax. Nearly every time I see a golf shot go awry, I can usually see tension in the golfer’s body (and face!). Once you have learned the proper golf swing technique and practiced it multiple times, your body will begin to know exactly what to do. The only impediment will be tension. Tension is a golfer’s worst enemy. It will make you alter your golf swing in several ways. It can make you change the golf plane you are trying to swing on. It will get you to speed up your golf swing speed. It can make you grip your club with excessive pressure along with making you alter your golf stance inappropriately.

I knew of one instructor who would have his students line up their tee shots and right before they’d hit it, he would tell them to relax. Invariably they would respond that they were relaxed. But, he would wait. And wait. Eventually you would see the student’s shoulders relax, then their arms, then grip, etc., until finally they actually were relaxed. It was always amazing to see the difference between when a golfer thinks he is relaxed and when he actually is relaxed. More often than not, the student would laugh and end up hitting a great drive.

Also, keep in mind, golf is one of the most difficult sports to play. It is very hard to master. Having said that, try and keep it simple. When your mind gets cluttered, it starts over-analyzing and ultimately sending too many messages to the brain.

A simple golf swing tip I suggest to everyone at all levels is to remember the following simple points:

Stance: Are you balanced?

Grip: Not to tight, not too loose.

Back Swing: Smooth and easy.

Golf Swing Plane: stay in your desired plane.

Golf Swing Speed: Don’t rush and follow through.

It’s been my experience if you keep that short check list as your guide, more often than not, you will have success. When a shot does go awry, most likely you’ve not carried through properly in one of those areas.

A great golf tip that I received once was when you are struggling with your golf swing, have someone you respect as a golfer watch your swing. Instead of asking them what is wrong with your swing generically, ask them if they had to pinpoint the problem would it be in your stance, your grip, your back swing, your golf plane or your golf swing speed. More often than not, once you narrow it down to those few areas, they will immediately hone in on the one that is causing you problems and it will help you get at the issue at hand.

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