The Golf Swing Plane

The golf swing plane is the part of the golf swing that has led to many a good shot suddenly becoming bad.

If you drew a perfect circle that started at the ball, went out around your right side, circled behind your head, out to your left side and back down the ball that would be the perfect plane you want your swing to stay on. It would be circular and smooth and never move out of that plane. Your golf swing will go through each part of this plane, starting with the back swing, then moving to the downswing and then the follow-through. It is critical that each part of this plane is smooth. If even one part is off, your shot will most likely go astray.

So what can cause your swing to go out of the golf swing plane? First and foremost, if you try hitting with your arms or upper body. This is a common mistake with young golfers. They are trying to hit the golf ball like a baseball, and that is a mistake. This is what causes slices, pulls, hooks and other troubled shots.

The correct way to hit the ball is with your legs and body. Isn’t it interesting to note that when famous golfers have surgeries, it is usually their knees or their hips? Rarely is it their arms. Because they have learned to hit their shots using their legs and hips.When you are about to start

your downswing, you need to start turning your hips (not using your arms). What most golfers don’t understand is that your hips and legs are stronger than your arms. Think about which you can press more weight with; legs or arms? Legs win every time. So, you need to use them!

In a good golf swing, where the club has moved away on the right line and has built up enough momentum, centrifugal force takes over and makes the hands automatically hinge onto the right line. It should feel as though the club is swept upwards and then flung onto the right plane. But if the swing is off line in the early stages, the golfer, rather than being able to rely on centrifugal force, has to manipulate the club onto the right plane. Although this is possible it requires talent and hours of practise.

A great way to feel the lower body swinging the club is to hold your club off the ground at knee high and do some practice swings. If you hold the club in the air, you take the ball and any hitting sensation with your arms out of the picture. If you no longer have the feeling of hitting with your arms, you can clearly feel your body making the club swing around your body thus creating the perfect plane (like the weight on the piece of string). Remember this feeling of not using your arms to hit your shots then apply it to your shots.

The next time you’re at the practice facility keep one thing in mind. To keep the golf club on plane the shoulders turn and the arms swing up-that is what the swing plane bug is all about.

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